April’s New Additions

Vietnamese Bánh Mì Beef Sandwich

April was quite an exciting month for us. Shortly before the opening of our 39th branch, we introduced several new items to our menu which are now available at all our locations.


During menu development, Kibett Mengech, our Director of Culinary Innovation, wanted to try out new flavor combinations outside the ones we had.


“Our new salads offer something different to our lettuce-based salads,” he says, noting that the mildly spicy, gluten-free Singapore Style Rice Noodle Salad reflects how increasingly health-conscious our guests have become.


Also new is the latin-inspired Mexican Bean Salad, with black beans, red kidney beans, chickpeas, sweet corn, peppers, onion, avocado, tomato, toasted cumin and lettuce, topped with crumbled feta cheese and tortilla chips and served with Honey Lime dressing.


Regional Specials


One item that’s already got our guests talking is the Homestyle Chicken Dhania, served with Sukumawiki and Ugali. “This meal grew out of an idea of offering our guests a ‘Staff Special’ on Fridays when we would serve what our staff was having for lunch,” Kibett explains. It was so well-received that it went on the menu.


Our guests in Uganda can now enjoy another regional special: Homestyle Chicken Stew with Groundnut, served with Mashed Matoke.


Guests will notice a few new Asian-inspired additions, such as the Vietnamese Bánh Mì Beef Sandwich — a crispy baguette filled with grilled beef, mayonnaise, pickled radish & carrot, pickled jalapeno, cucumber and dhania, which is served with a choice of chips or salad.


The mildly spicy Thai Green Chicken Curry — with its lime and lemongrass flavors — served with rice and salsa, joins the growing lineup of Java Favorites.


Other new additions are the Nashville Crunchy Chicken Burger and Nashville Fried Chicken, both of which can be served with a choice of salad or chips.


The breakfast crowd can now enjoy the Sliced Avocado & Peppers Wrap, a light and fresh vegetarian option served with sour cream and salsa.


New to our Bakery section is the Forest Berry Danish, a flaky pastry nest-filled with sweet cheese and mixed berries (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry and black & red currants). These berries are also in our recently introduced Mixed Berry Muffin, the perfect accompaniment to the beverage of your choice.


Guests can also indulge in two new desserts. Cashew Crunch is, as its name implies, a smooth and crunchy ice cream made with a vanilla ice cream base and cashew nut chunks. The fruity Mango ice cream is another option, and both can also be enjoyed as Shakes.


You can view our full menu here. Our list of branches can be viewed here.